Passives Will Tank the Global Economy

After Blackrock bought Barclays ETF department in the Great Recession a decade ago, they have pushed passive investing to the hilt. Especially to Millennial investors by appealing to be cheap, diversified, steady yielding but most crucially make investing accessible and appealing. What are the dangers? // IMC Mark Cuban says that as long as money flows into passive funds, they … Read More

Why Bitcoin Isn’t a Ponzi Scheme

The price of bitcoin fell by $600 in just 30 minutes to take its value below $10,000. The flash crash resulted in around $10 billion being wiped from the cryptocurrency’s overall value and has called into question recent positive price predictions as BTC USD fell from a Summer high of $14,000 to $7,750 in only 2 months. Bitcoin collapses from 14,000 dollars to 7750 dollars in 2 months, is it a ponzi … Read More

Chinese Stocks Under Threat of U.S. Capital Markets Delisting

Now that the “Chinese stock ban” cat is out the bag, there’s a good chance Trump will follow through on this threat eventually if an acceptable trade deal is not reached. The SEC has failed, alongside the NASDAQ to prevent foreign companies fleecing US investors for 10 years. As the trade war escalates, Chinese firms may lose access to US … Read More

Wading the Market Storm – Sit Tight

The current market sell-off is a cumulation of world events. But this is not necessarily something to be concerned about for the long-term investor because ‘timing’ the market for entry and exit has proven largely futile, short-term blips are largely irrelevant in the grand-scheme of compounded interest and regular injections of capital. A healthily diversified portfolio helps to iron out … Read More