Winter 2018

Welcome to our winter newsletter, which brings you fresh news and advice on your money and investment opportunities.

Our feature story this time looks at the details of the 2018 Budget, and how those headline increases play out across the rest of the tax system.

Alongside that we look at the booming US stock market and the growing
market for ethical and socially responsible investment funds.

With recent data showing increasing life expectancy we offer some guidance on using annuities to guarantee an income in retirement.

We also cover the key facts for your credit rating, and offer some tips on how to manage your data.

Our other stories include:

Lessons from a record bull run: The record run, and ongoing strong performance, of US markets offers some food for thought on investment allocation strategies.
Don’t ignore your credit report: With high-profile data breaches affecting millions, keeping a good credit rating could be about more than paying bills on time.
Growing ethical investment for sustainable returns: The data shows interest in ethical investment options is growing rapidly, and new rules for fund trustees could accelerate that trend further.
Annuity options for long-life planning: With life expectancies dramatically increased over the last 20 years, we look at the role of annuities in guaranteeing an income throughout your retirement.

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Autumn 2018

Welcome to the autumn edition of our newsletter, covering the latest developments as the country moves towards winter and the next Budget.

Our feature story is about the lifelong journey of supporting children financially.

We also look at lifetime gifts and possible changes to inheritance tax. For pensions we have essential advice for anyone planning their first lump sum withdrawal, and a look back at six years of auto enrolment.

And for investment we offer help on decoding fund fees, and how to use market indexes in your investment planning.

Our other stories include:

  • Don't be caught by the pension tax trap: You may be over-taxed on your first pension lump sum withdrawal.
  • Financing a child's future: Supporting children financially is a long-term task that could need careful planning.
  • Auto enrolement six years on: Workplace pension membership is rising, but will your savings be enough in retiement?
  • Shedding light on fund fees: Despite efforts to improve the situation, fund fees are still complex to understand.
  • Thinking of making lifetime gifts?: The current generous treatment of gifts could be changed in the next budget.
  • The ins and outs of market indices: Successful investment strategies should remember that companies in indexes can change regularly.
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Summer 2018

Welcome to the summer edition of our newsletter where, as the year starts to flourish, we continue to look for ways to help your money do the same. Amongst the many planning opportunities open to you we look this time at the ISA family and how you can make the most of your regular savings. With savings in mind, we take a look at market investments across UK dividends and the changing environment for VCTs and investing in enterprise businesses. We offer thoughts on interest rates, which are pegged to rise this year, as well as the impact of inflation on frozen tax thresholds. We understand these are complex and unpredictable times, and are on hand to help you plan your path through them.

Our other stories include:

  • A new era for VCTs and EISs: Investment in venture enterprises has been overhauled with new ‘risk-to-capital’ rules coming into effect.
  • Reduced protection for mortgage payments: Support for Mortgage Interest became a loan – instead of a benefit – from April 2018.
  • Stuck in frozen tax thresholds?: The Exchequer doesn’t need to raise taxes to cost you money. We look at ways of dealing with inflation increasing your costs.
  • Interest rates are set to rise: With increases to the interest rate expected during 2018, what effect will this have on your savings and investments?
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Spring 2018

With the new tax year about to begin everyone is focused on the here and  now. Annual allowances are about to expire, meaning decisions need to be made.
But our eyes are also on the future, with key changes affecting pensions. As well as the lifetime allowance increasing after a long break, there are the forthcoming increases to the state pension age and automatic-enrolment contributions. Closer to, we also look at the changes to tax relief affecting buy-to-let mortgages and the potential savings from relevant life policies. As ever, if you are affected by any of our stories get in touch so we can discuss your circumstances.

Our other stories include:

  • Tax relief reductions affecting Landlords: The phased reduction of tax relief on interest for buy-to-let landlords could mean your costs change significantly.
  • The new tax year begins:
  • Time is running out: For you to make the most of your allowances and exemptions.
  • The lifetime allowance increases: At last, what does the first increase to the allowance
    since 2012 mean for your pension planning?
  • The savings from relevant life
    policies: Could you be taking advantage of this taxefficient
    form of insurance?
  • State pension age continues to rise: Retirement moves further away for the younger generations, so are your plans still right for you?
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