10 Takeaways from Rishi’s Budget 2021

The most recent government announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been long-awaited by individuals and businesses alike. We’ve summarised the key points to take away from the 2021 Budget below.   Freezing personal tax thresholds and lowering VAT to 5% for hospitality for 6 months, 12.5% further 6 months and 20% by April 2022. Pensions Lifetime Allowance same, CGT annual … Read More

Is the Market Rout Over?

Old Pool Shark Proverb: ”When the Elephants are dancing, stay off the dance floor…” After a ten-year bull run, I’m sure the selling is over after a few weeks. Jack be nimble, Jack be quick and jump back in on those 30% discounts, right? Trouble is, we never left the bubble because the bubble never cleared. The intervention to prevent … Read More

Is the BBC past its sell by date?

Chief political aide Dominic Cummings and PM Boris Johnson clashed this week over scrapping the obligatory license model for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Johnson believes it needs a “good pruning back” while Cummings is after doing away with it altogether and forcing it to stand on its own under a “subscription model”.  Ex-culture Select Committee chairman Damian Collins believes … Read More

Passives Will Tank the Global Economy

After Blackrock bought Barclays ETF department in the Great Recession a decade ago, they have pushed passive investing to the hilt. Especially to Millennial investors by appealing to be cheap, diversified, steady yielding but most crucially make investing accessible and appealing. What are the dangers? // IMC Mark Cuban says that as long as money flows into passive funds, they … Read More