Pensions – are you bored already?

What do you think of when you hear the word pensions?

Here are some of the responses we often receive:

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Any of these resonate with you?

Do not worry! – You are not alone.

Many people will have accumulated more than one pension savings pot from different periods of employment and understanding what you have and how they can best be used to benefit you and your family can be daunting.

Your working life is typically 45 to 50 years. A ‘job for life’ is rapidly becoming a thing of the past and we often see people who have changed career more than once let alone a job. In each job role it is possible you were a member of pension scheme or contributing to a pension in your own name. This is how the paperwork can build up and the confusion set in.

Sometimes former employers no longer exist or do not have your current address/contact details and this is often how many pensions are ‘mislaid’ or forgotten.

There is help to trace lost pensions at:

Confusion = uncertainty, bewildered or unclear

You need to be clear on the different types of pensions you have and how they can work for you. Good planning is at the heart of all good organisation. Start your pre-retirement planning today with our free Pre-Retirement Planning tool…..

Don’t let the boredom set in – your security in retirement is important!

Although the days of our retirement income needs being met by pension income alone are long gone, for most people they still form a significant part of their retirement income. Whatever your concerns and aspirations for retirement, your pensions will be an important part of the solution and need to be understood and used efficiently.

If you are worried about your pension savings, affording or managing your retirement, our free Pre Retirement Planning tool can help. Download for free from our website….